Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hot Start of Eddie in The Good Shepherd - Edward Jr. and Miriam

[on tape] 
Edward Bell Wilson Jr.: Everything is a secret. 
Miriam: You were brought up on secrets. What was such a big secret that his own son couldn't know? 
Edward Bell Wilson Jr.: He was standing outside talking. I heard something I wasn't supposed to, and
he knew I listened to his conversation. I heard them say something in Spanish: Bahia de Cochinos. 
Miriam: Bahia de Cochinos. 
Edward Bell Wilson Jr.: I'm afraid of him. 
Miriam: You're safe here with me. People who really love each other don't have secrets. I have
something to tell you. [Tape mutes down] 
Edward Bell Wilson Jr.: I love you so much, I love you so much. 
[first lines, which are repeated with repeated playings of the surveillance video to Edward Jr] 
Miriam: You are safe here with me. 

Preparing for the wedding near the end of the film:

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