Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eddie in Lisbon this weekend

bananacafe_lisboa: O Eddie Redmayne hoje visitou o BANANACAFE da Praça do 
Município 😄 (Eddie Redmayne visited the BANANA CAFE of Town Hall Square today)

revistavipportugal: @cesartmourao partilhou uma foto com o actor #eddieredmayne que está em Portugal
César Mourão is an actor,TV presenter and comedian with Eddie.

dona_quiteria: O Dona Quitéria teve a surpresa a jantar, do actor, cantor e escritor
Eddie Redmayne, vencedor do Oscar para melhor actor em 2015
Diner in the Dona Quitéria restautant

margaridasab: Darling daughter @sofiaabarbosa and THE #Danishgirl #eddieredmayne

Eddie at the Mercado da Ribeira yesterday

beccareinaldo: Find Eddie in the picture 🙊 #eddieredmayne #mercadodaribeira #lisbon #americanfriends #loveit

Farah on Twitter: just saw Eddie Redmayne and fangirled more than I would care to admit

Updated on 30 May 2016

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