Saturday, July 1, 2017

Eddie and Hannah today - on their way to The National Theatre

Eddie Redmayne & his wife Hannah spotted outside of South Bank Centre today 
on their way to The National Theatre. - source: Wsc@waiseakchao on Twitter
He wrote in a comment on IG: @waiseakchao: I'm the guy who took this photo. 
They eventually went into restaurant Strada. I'm surprised no one seemed notice 
them. - I think maybe the girl on the stairs did.

Tony Kushner's play 'Angels in America' starring Eddie's friend Andrew Garfield.
There was a two-show day today. This is an epic show with excellent cast.

Eddie was already spotted at the theatre earlier this year
This new staging of the multi-award winning two-part play
will be broadcast live to Malvern Cinema
Part 1 on July 20th
Part 2 on July 27th

just_adam5: When you run into Eddie Redmayne during an interval of Angels in America 😁
A Hungarian in London

 Two more photos from Twitter posted by @allymae163 and @DevinDu822

People tweeted, they saw Eddie in the Theatre or nearby:

Henry F-B @FillouxPastry
Watching ANGELS IN AMERICA. Eddie Redmayme's in. Casual.

Dave H @davehsongwriter:
Even saw Eddie Redmayne leaving the theatre at the same time!

Lisa Butterworth @lisajane_81:
In pizza express with Eddie Redmayne 🍕😍

Zoe Yan(颜若依) @imcassiopeiaroy:
I just bumped into Emilia Clarke and walked past Eddie Redmayne. 

gerio'd @thistlehurt:
Oh hai Eddie Redmayne at #AngelsinAmerica. Slight hysteria from 
some patrons in the bar at @NationalTheatre

Claire Dikecoglu‏ @claireyfairy1:
Eddie Redmayne at Angels in America tonight. Some very excitable
people outside the National when they noticed!

Donna‏ @donnamk79:
Also, I NEVER see celebs at the theatre but Eddie Redmayne was
there! He gave AGarfield a massive hug at the stage door.

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Eddie, Andrew Garfield and Jamie Dornan are good friends.


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