Thursday, July 6, 2017

Observer January 2012 issue - interview - photos by Jason Hetherington

my collage from the photos

The Observer interview by Tim Lewis:
Interview about fans, family, career (with mini biography), and his role in 'Birdsong'

Some people used this photo for their portraits about Eddie,

"An older actor said something to me many years ago: 'The thing about you Ed, is that
you look young for your age, so you'll have quite a good run of it until you're 30 and
then it'll be interesting to see what happens.' He didn't say it in a cruel way, but it's
stuck in my mind. "Fortunately, as a guy, you're luckier than the women, who have
a really rough time of it. I have a lot of good actress girlfriends and when it gets to a
movie level it's all about weight and producers sending you to boot camps and being
really quite brusque with it. The guys get it, too: you have to buff up and there are gentle
nudges that you're…" He trails off, then exclaims: "You didn't hire me for my pecs and,
if you did, you fucked up! You hired me for my slightly off-kilter freckly appearance."
- Eddie Redmayne quote from the interview

Original photos source eddieredmayne,ru
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