Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Early Man workshop exploration - Blu-ray & DVD special features

On the Digital release, DVD and Blu-ray you find bonus clip about Eddie's 
Aardman visit with Maisie. Here are a few screenshots and gifs from the videos.
Eddie was amazed by the sets and the amount of work required for the movie.

"...the script was endlessly being fanoodled- I think I just invented a word. As you say, 
that world of animation- we would record once every two months and record for a day 
and then two months later you come back and they would have animated some of the stuff 
you recorded last time. You would go and re-record other bits where they’ve refined 
the script. It was a massively organic process. What was weird was that you never read 
the script from start to finish. So it was really, more than any film I’ve ever done, when 
you saw it, the final cut of it, it was super surprising. It was wonderful to watch because 
you didn’t really know what you were making as you went along." - (source: collider)

Maisie and Eddie dressing up as cavemen

In the exclusive clip posted by FANDOM, watch as Eddie Redmayne, Nick 
Park (of Wallace & Gromit fame) and Maisie Williams (from Game of Thrones)
visit the set. Eddie was literally flabbergasted by the scale intricacy of the work.
“That insane,” he said when shown the Bronze City. The set — one of many for
Early Man — represented a years-worth of labor. - video here (Lawrence Yee)

"I just love the heart of these films. They have such a joy, and warmth, and humor 
to them that, yeah, I felt like it would be a lovely thing to get to swim in...
You sort of pursue the joke relentlessly and it’s quite brilliant." (source collider

 “Before the Beginning of Time: Creating Early Man” Featurette 
“Nick Park: Massaging the Funny” Featurette 
“The Valley Meets the Bronze” Featurette 
“Hanging at Aardman Studios: A Workshop Exploration” Featurette

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