Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Please help! - Aid appeal for East Africa crisis - charity work today

The DEC has issued a video appeal, led by Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne, for help in 
response to what the UN has described as the world's largest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

Eddie said, "In South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia the plight and suffering is on a
scale never seen before. Where there were rivers, not even a drop of water now.
Where there was livestock, now just carcasses and bones. People can't wait any longer."
If we don’t act now, the situation will get much worse. Don't delay. Donate!

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) urgently needs more funding to reach 
those urgently in need of food, water and medical treatment. - Read more

‪Eddie Redmayne visited teen cancer patients in London Wednesday as part of his long support of 
Teenage Cancer Trust. ‬(Twitter @robmcdonnell80) “Just had the pleasure of meeting the amazing 
kind generous Eddie Redmayne who came and visited our patients at TYA Daycare, TCT, uclh ❤️” (x)

via @bespokeredmayne

neeringslouise: met eddie redmayne the other day such a lovely guy.
#eddieredmayne #macmillancenter #teenagecancertrust

He was also spotted at Starbucks by fans (x) (x) ...

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