Sunday, March 12, 2017

The first read through of Fantastic Beasts - from cast interview on DVD


"I'll never forget that first read through, and it was just the four of us and the director, and David 
the producer. And I think we were all kind of nervous, we had only just sort of been cast, and we 
read through the film, that felt like a  real moment like a start of something. We were just all 
kind of excited" - Eddie Redmayne

"Also that day started out with Eddie sitting down and going 'I'm so nervous', and I was like 
'You've won an Oscar! You're nervous? What about the rest of us? Come on!'" - Alison Sudol
(Look at Eddie's embarrassed, red face!)

Screenshots and quotes are from the 'Before Harry Potter - A New Era of Magic Begins' 
video on the upcoming Blu-ray, DVD - release date 28th March 2017

I don't know exactly when this happened, I think it was in mid-June 2015.

Update: Probably you saw the edited pic on the left (via) Voilá! Here's the original on the right!
A screenshot from the DVD extra video 'Before Harry Potter - A New Era of Magic Begins'

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