Sunday, October 7, 2018

Poppy Fields installation on tour around UK Cathedrals

In June 2016 Eddie Redmayne recorded four WWI poems for the exhibition at
Lichfield Cathedral to commemorate the Battle of the Somme. Now these recordings
are the part of ‘Poppy Fields’, a unique light and sound installation, that is now
on tour around UK Cathedrals to commemorate the World War One Centenary.

You can here excerpts from two poems in the highlight video of the 'Before Action'
exhibition (Read more in my earlier post here). Now you can hear the full reading, 
if you have the opportunity to go to see these projections. The schedule is here: 

Created by Peter Walker (Artistic Director at Lichfield Cathedral) and Luxmuralis,
the installation feature projections including names of soldiers who have served
in the armed forces and falling rose petals which will be projected at the east end,
and accompanied by a beautiful sound artwork composed by David Harper.

The emotionally engaging & visually stunning installation came first to Guildford 

“Art in its many forms allows us to individually and collectively experience and share
emotive moments. 100 years on from the end of WW1, Poppy Fields is an opportunity
to become immersed in sound and light, and truly reflect and focus our thoughts.”
(Peter Walker)

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