Saturday, October 27, 2018

Graham Norton Show 2018

Eddie Redmayne told the story of his injured ankle and also talked about his 
wand lessons and filming Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Jude Law Knows Some Real Dumbledore Secrets

Jude: I’m really sticking to this don’t talk about it clause.
Eddie: Don't pretend you stick to the secrecy clause, come on!
Jude: Of course I do - Eddie: What's the fan doing these films?
Jude: Eddie do you tell everyone? - Eddie: No, Jude.

"Dumbledore more like dumbleDAMN!"

Emma Stone & Eddie Redmayne Don’t Like Wearing Corsets

"First guy ever who made a corset...I did a production of Twelfth Night with Mark
Rylance, and I was playing Viola and Mark was playing Olivia. And the guy who made
the corsets was called Luca, and he was amazing. And he had made this corset as if it was
from the 16th cetury whalebone, and he tightened me into it. And he had worn corsets
all his life, and basically his body went into this extraordinary kind of thing...yeah..."

Emma Stone Was RICKROLLED!
First the classic Spice Girls prank, and now this. Poor Emma..

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