Tuesday, October 30, 2018

ExtraTV25 on the set of The Crimes of Grindelwald

Though Johnny plays in the villain in the movie, Eddie said
he was quite the opposite in real life. - Extra TV on set report

Eddie Redmayne on working with Johnny Depp:
“I enjoyed it so much. He was playful and he was kind.” 

 "Magic Blooms Only in Rare Souls" Clip

Eddie Redmayne on being a part of the Wizarding World:
“Your inner child never stops being excited.”

NBC’s “Today Show” and Cast of “Crimes of Grindelwald” 
Visit Parkside Elementary School this Thursday
The school will hold an assembly with the Today Show in the gym
at 10 a.m. for teachers, faculty, and students. They have also invited
alumni, family, friends, and the public to attend. - Read more

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