Monday, February 2, 2015

Coffee and chat with Katie Couric - Oscar predictions

Eddie Redmayne interview from Yahoo News by Katie Couric on Vimeo

Could actor Eddie Redmayne win a show-biz trifecta?
You don’t need to be physicist Stephen Hawking, master of space and time, to know that Eddie Redmayne’s time ... is now....
...Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric sat down with Redmayne to discuss his transformation into the complex character of Hawking, the outbreak of “Redmaynia,” his new bride, and his siblings who have kept him humble throughout his outstanding year....
...As an antiques dealer, Bagshawe is far from the Hollywood frenzy and has kept him grounded throughout his recent success in the business. “She’s my rock,” Redmayne explains, and was particularly supportive during his process of transforming himself into Hawking. When Couric asks him about his fan club, the self-proclaimed “Redmayniacs,” he blushes and explains that “from my experience, they are quite gentle and kind.”...
...With the Oscars fast approaching, Couric reminds Redmayne to “stay humble,” to which he laughs, and responds, “I have a plethora of brothers and a sister who do that for me.” Regardless of the predictions of a show-business trifecta, Eddie Redmayne has accomplished the role of his lifetime as Hawking, and we look forward to his next on-screen transformation. - Full interview here

Mail on Sunday: 
MATTHEW BOND, sat through the Oscar nominees
Redmayne is – and I really mean is – Stephen Hawking. A near-flawless performance that sees Redmayne capturing not just the physical mannerisms of the man but also the strange mix of arrogance and shyness that first attracts Jane, together with the Cambridge physicist’s playful sense of humour.
Matthew’s verdict: ‘Film acting is said to be all in the eyes and that’s certainly true here: look into Redmayne’s eyes and it’s Hawking you see looking back. Quite astonishing.’

GoldDerby: MarcusJamesDixon's Predictions - Oscars

Photo (left): Eddie and Marcus at the HFA Nov. 14, 2014 (x) - Marcus uses this as his profile picture

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Redmayne now leads our overall combined racetrack odds, but the race is so close that the lead could change yet again by the time you're finished reading this sentence.
As of this writing, Redmayne's odds are 10/9, just ahead of Keaton with 6/5 odds. When those odds are translated to percentage points, that means Redmayne has 47% to win compared to Keaton's 46%.
Third place is Bradley Cooper ("American Sniper") with 20/1 odds, followed by Benedict Cumberbatch ("The Imitation Game") in fourth place with 50/1 odds and Steve Carell ("Foxcatcher") in last place with 100/1 odds.

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