Sunday, February 8, 2015

Eddie in Men's Health, GQ Australia and Evening Standard - photoshoots, interviews, article

Eddie Redmayne in March 2015 Men’s Health Style. (x)

Update May 9, 2015: Eddie Redmayne with Men’s Health Magazine crew during style cover shoot. (x) via

GQ Australia 2015 February issue

Magazine Scans > 2015 Publications > GQ Australia (February) via

“When you start as an actor everyone tells you what the odds of success are. So when you’re lucky enough to get a job, it’s amazing, but it’s bred into you that you’ll never get another one. And that feeling never goes away. It’s funny, I recently read an article with Rachel Weisz, and she was saying ‘You think you’re never going to get another job’ and I was like, oh c’mon, you’re Rachel Weisz.” (x)

London Evening Standard: 
Chiselled cheekbones, sharp suits and a very long list of award nominations — it’s little wonder everybody wants a bit of our best Brit actor. As he limbers up for this weekend’s Bafta ceremony, Phoebe Luckhurst gets ready for Eddie....Full article
The article's author mentions my blog too :)
"Prominent fan sites include and"

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