Sunday, March 8, 2015

Eddie in various magazines - covers, scans, article

Eddie Redmayne for August Man Singapore - March 2015 (xvia
August Man Singapore (March 2015) scans on
Magazine preview video

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne on cover of March’s Jumeirah Magazine - @DanaeMercer (x) 

Eddie Redmayne for Vanity Fair Italy (March 2015)

Some newspaper in the world that talk about eddie’s victory at the oscars 2015
Caras Magazine [Brazil] (27 February 2015)
TVMedia Magazine [Austria] (28 February 2015)
Hola! Magazine [Peru] (25 February 2015)

...No one would guess the star is actually 33, but sadly he doesn't have much wisdom to share when it comes to his youthful looks. "I've never had a 'regime', if that's what you're asking," he confessed. "I do use a bit of moisturiser, but that's about it. "Although in Jupiter Ascending, my character is a sort of tycoon, and his product is a serum that makes people stay young. As far as I am aware, I haven't been using that."... (via)


Photos - Eddie for Harper's Bazaar UK 2015 Feb

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