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Fanmade Balem video clip - The Wachowskis on working with Eddie

Clip from Eddie's scenes in Jupiter Ascending - SPOILER ALERT! - Song: Lady Gaga: Judas
The video made by KlaineBlaine - View on YouTube (read the author's comment)

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The Wachowskis on working with Eddie Redmayne on Jupiter Ascending:
I asked them how they even began to communicate to Eddie Redmayne where they wanted him to pitch his performance, which is pitched at this huge broad gigantic intensity level. “We had a really good time with him,” Lana laughed.
Andy laughed as well. “That’s safe to say.”
We started our first day with Eddie ahead of schedule, and by the end of the day, we were a half-day behind. And when our UPM had to fill out the report, he filled in the place where it says ‘Reason for falling behind schedule.’ And he wrote, ‘The directors have fallen in love with Eddie Redmayne’.
"Acting is a hard job. It is hard. Really hard. Actors give so much of themselves to you. There’s this thing that happens, playing back and forth with us."
"We had auditioned Eddie for a lot of things, and this was finally the right one. This fit. And he’s so good. He understood that this guy was defined by these choices he made. How many people would be willing to preserve this way of life and would be willing to murder their own mother? And Eddie does it with such poise. He understands that relationship. Eddie had so many great ideas for how to play this."
Andy said, “Plus the age thing, he did that right. Because that is something that we had a hard time getting our heads around. What that would do, what would happen with that amount of time for a personality to develop. We are such radically different people every ten or fifteen years. Now imagine hundreds of those cycles, and what that would do to a personality.”
"Eddie had a way of playing things with these big dynamics and scaring the shit out of people. We had to do several takes on some of those moments because nobody knew when he’d do it. There’s a few of those in the film, where you can see people are scared shitless."
"There’s one in the movie of his secretary, where she’s next to him, and she does it, as a robot, and it’s so funny," Andy said, laughing at the thought of it. - full interview here


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  1. Eddie Redmayne, you definitely played the role as Balem Abrasax really well and I was touched by the way you act so serious in the movie.


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