Saturday, August 6, 2016

Let's celebrate! Birthday post

Do you know what day it is? My blog turned 3 today. I can't believe it, these years passed so quickly. To be
the part of this fandom is the most wonderful thing. I found new friends from all over the World. There are some
very special things that happened to me since last August. I finally met Eddie at the Venice Film Festival and
I had the opportunity to attend a conference call in December.

Let's do this!!! 
 started a project on Twitter. Follow the list below and tweet your favorites
day after day for 30 days with the hashtag . This is a great idea.

It's hard to choose, I don't know yet what will I post. Which is my favorite picture? There are so many great photos
and I change my mind time to time. Hard to decide. There are some in the collage and a few more below.

Les Mis junket Dec 2012 (x) - Telegraph Magazine March 2012 (x)

Giffoni Film Festival 26 July 2013 (x) - Venice Film Festival 5. Sept. 2015 (x)

GQ Style Dec. 2014 (x) - TIFF photocall 13 Sept. 2015 (x)

Don't be sad Marius! It's my blog's Birthday...(x)

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