Thursday, November 2, 2017

Great news! Eddie and Hannah are expecting 2nd baby - Congrats!


“Eddie and Hannah Redmayne are delighted to confirm they are expecting 
their second child,” his rep said in a statement to E! News on Wednesday. 
Series Preview in London on Wednesday. Daily Mail was the first to report the 
baby news. In the article there are photos of Eddie and Hannah enjoying the 

The glowing couple arriving at the Seamaster Aqua Terra Diner in Venice Saturday.

When Iris was born, Eddie was fortunate enough to be able to spend 
some quality time with his family. Speaking to People about it, he said:

"I love time off. It’s amazing and so it’s been great because I’ve got to spend 
the first four-and-a-half, five months with Iris, and I know that that is a very 
privileged thing because I speak to many mates of mine who have kids and 
they’re back into work, days or three later." (via)

Hannah and Eddie in Wimbledon July 16, 2017 (x)

“I don’t think anything can prepare [you],” Redmayne admitted. “The amazing 
thing is, everything that everyone tells you beforehand -- which is all cliché -
- is true. You’ve heard it all before, and yet when you're experiencing it, it feels 
like the first time, and you suddenly start telling everyone these things as if 
they're completely new and original thoughts. And they’re like, ‘Yeah that's 
the cliché.’” “But all the things [like] different parts of your heart opening 
… it's really extraordinary. There's this amazing thing with children -
- whenever you're having a bit of a tired moment or something, it's like, she's 
always just one stop ahead of you, smiling you along. It’s great."(etonline)

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