Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Yellow Handkerchief LA premiere press junket interview

My gifs from The Yellow Handkerchief interview with Eddie Redmayne 
and Kristen Stewart at the LA premiere press junket in Feb. 2010 

Excerpt from Eddie's statement in the interview about getting on with people 
you wouldn't normally get on with. You can find kindred spirits anywhere!

"I find often, that we have prejudgment for certain people we get on with... "
"People from completely different worlds, who in no ways should be able to fit, do fit."

Eddie Redmayne appreciations from fellow actors:

“You know who I love? I love Eddie Redmayne. Young Eddie Redmayne. Mr. Transformational. Mr. Lead in “Les Miz.” Then winning the Oscar for “The Theory of Everything.” His ability to transform and his commitment and accuracy in doing so is utterly inspirational. He’s like a young Meryl Streep, whom I also deeply admire. I’m also a big fan of Bill Nighy.”

"Well I'd rather not talk about Eddie Redmayne if you don't mind (laughs). Well I've learned one thing from Eddie, which is never to work with anyone quite so talented and good-looking again, I've learned that much! But we've had a fantastic ride on this show and he's, for my money, he's certainly one of the best actors of his generation...hard working, committed. He loves the theatre. He's dedicated. He wants to be the best actor he can be and that, for young man like Eddie who has got so many opportunities, to really want to focus on that it's a great thing." (via)

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