Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Gordy shows Martine the photos he made at the riverbank (TYH)


“There’s a film called ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’, which was with William Hurt and Kristen Stewart.. I was playing an adopted native American from Northern Oklahoma. 
I remember - actually Gene Parseghian, my manager, who’s here this evening - I remember, 
I was in town, and he’s like ‘It’s a wonderful script, and I read it, and I was like: ‘it’s beautiful’. He was like ‘you should go for an audition’, and I was like ‘I’m never gonna get cast as an adopted Native American from Northern Oklahoma, and he went ‘go to the audition Eddie! 

And I went to the audition, and because I was so convinced, I didn’t have a hope, I just sort of threw - I describe it’s like throwing mud at a wall - I was like: there you go, you know, and walked out, and then I got offered the part, and ...I’ve had to go and speak the director to sort of tell him, that what I’ve done in that audition, was complete - you know...that was just like a moment of absurdity. Anyway, we went through the making of that film. It’s a little film, it didn’t have a huge audience. 

When I was speaking to James Marsh again for ‘The Theory of Everything’ (the director of TToE) - he had only seen English period dramas, that I’ve done - and he asked me on the phone...’Have you done anything that’s physically sort of outside of you? I said ‘I did this film called ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’. And that film, which really didn’t make much money, ...wasn’t broadly released, ended up being the reason, that I got cast in ‘The Theory of Everything’...” - Eddie Redmayne In Conversation BAFTA New York

(my gifset from the movie)

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