Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Production photos of FBTCOG via PRORES Videos on Twitter


"What I love about Newt is that he's true to himself and not trying to please anyone else. 
His passion for creatures is uniquely his own, and he refuses to bow to other people's 
notions of what normal should be. Newt has always taken his own route through life and 
thogh he can be empathetic, he doesn't want to be pulled to anyone's side. But because of 
what's happening in the world and because the stakes are becoming so much higher, there 
may come a moment when he will have to choose a side. And that's part of his journey."

Yates observes, "There is a slightly more serious edge to Newt this time around, 
and Eddie embodies every facet of the character. He is a joy to work with...
full of ideas and endlessly inventive."

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Great source of movie news PRORES Videos @tenamutt on Twitter
I found all of these there.

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