Thursday, January 15, 2015

Congratulations to Eddie on his Oscar Nomination

"Eddie was stretching himself, elongating himself, collapsing himself in different ways every day. He was cracking his voice, doing these violent throat clearings in a way that would allow his voice to be ruined afterwards. And every day he was reckoning with mortality and decline, and there’s a psychological element to that too. As an actor his repertoire is almost non-existent by the end: it’s eyebrows, cheeks, a bit of a smile, nothing else. But he is so alive from start to finish. What Eddie did, not only physically and mentally but emotionally, is at the far end of what an actor can achieve in a performance.” - The Theory of Everythingdirector James Marsh (x)

Congratulations Eddie (x)
“I’m currently staying in a hotel in Los Angeles and I was fast asleep. There was suddenly a rap on the door, I stumbled out of bed in my towel, and opened the door, and my manager was standing there brandishing a telephone, screaming down the phone. So I was hoping that was a good thing.”

Eddie Redmayne reacts to his nomination and “rude text” from Benedict Cumberbatch, also nominated.

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“I’m still trying to come to terms with it all. I was one of those kids that stayed up and watched it at 4 in the morning. 
Being here in Los Angeles and being part of the conversation is beyond anything I ever imagined. I‘m a lucky man.”

“My wife had to go home the morning after the Globes,” he says. “I just spoke to her now, and she said, “Ed, how am I meant to do the tax returns today when I’m so excited?’”
Redmayne’s heading the the U.K. tonight; he’s been in town in rehearsal for a new movie, The Danish Girl. “I’ve got a big day’s work ahead of me,” he says, stifling a yawn. And then it’s Oscar time, his first trip back since singing during the 2013 telecast with the cast of Les Miserables. “When I was a kid we used to stay up late to watch them,” he says. “It genuinely never occurred to me that I’d have the opportunity to go back, let alone as a nominee.” (x)

BBC Radio 4 - frontrow on January 15, 2015 19:15 
Eddie Redmayne phone interview from 3:20

YAHOO Movies: 14 Fun Facts from the 2015 Oscar Nominations

Nominee News, Insider Updates and the Oscar Scoop
Oscars 2015 Nominees Announcement and Live Stream

Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones tonight on E! Reacting to their Oscar nominations. (x)

Throwback Thursday:
NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR in 2003!: In his first major professional acting role (after he graduated from Cambridge), Eddie Redmayne impressed in Master Harold ...and the Boys. /Daily Post (Liverpool) article 2 Jan 2004/
THERE are no trophies, no dressy dinner and -best of all- no acceptance speeches in the annual Key Awards for the best arts events of the year. Just a sincere thank you to those who have made memorable many of the days and nights in the dark spent by the Daily Post reviewing team.
The Theatre uploaded a new pic from the play to Instagram today.

liveveryplay: Huge congratulations to Eddie Redmayne on his Oscar nomination. 
Good excuse for this Ev Master Harold throwback - Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse

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