Friday, January 16, 2015

Jupiter Ascending Lookbook, TV spot and articles published recently

Explore the amazing 67-page lookbook (link),
a sneak peek of the film's spectacular scenery, costumes
and machines designs. The book contains new photos of
the characters in the costumes as well.
official site of the film

CAST OF CHARACTERS: More portraits from Jupiter Ascending: the Abrasax siblings (x)
Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth, Tuppence Middleton

 Sean Bean and Mila Kunis

The Abrasax Clipper and the Sargorn (x)

New TV spot - Jupiter Ascending - The Battle Begins

Eddie's new flash in the spot (x)

TV spots, trailers, clips and BTS videos on my playlist

Eddie in action on the bottom left gif. "I was strung on these wires 40 feet in the air with a harness around me, which is transpires the Wachowskis invented back in the day. I'm basically spun in the air at about 50mph. It was for 
a moment in the film in which I go through what they call a 'grav-trough'. I almost vomitted at the end. I was so unprepared for this gigantic wedgie, dressed head-to-toe in leathers." (x)

"Jupiter Ascending" includes a menagerie of non-human 
creatures such as the keepers, the small gray aliens 
seen above in the bottom right corner.
Chicago Tribune - Gallery with description: 

Dan Glass, the movie’s visual effects supervisor who oversaw some 2,050 shots, recently described the aesthetic approach to the outre adventure, which arrives in theaters Feb. 6.

The Theory of Everything" star Eddie Redmayne may have brought home a Golden Globe, but in his latest film, "Jupiter Ascending," he now wants the entire planet as his trophy... (x)
Stellar Concept Art And Clips Released For The Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending
Warner Bros. has unveiled a collection of concept art for the ambitious sci-fi along with a trio of clips that offer new, all-to-brief looks at the sibling’s next genre piece. (You find the clips in the playlist above too) 
Totally Unfair To Call Jupiter Ascending Redmayne’s “Norbit”
With Andy and Lana Wachowski‘s problematic Jupiter Ascending (Warner Bros., 2.6) opening right smack in the middle of Oscar voting, there’s a joke going around about this being Eddie Redmayne‘s Norbit. I’m told that Redmayne’s reps are doing what they can to suppress awareness of this scifi fantasy film, but it’s not a Redmayne or a Mila Kunis or aChanning Tatum vehicle — they’re just cogs in the Wachowski wheel. Besides the Norbit factor only kicks in when an Oscar nominee is (a) the star of a late January or February release but more precisely when (b) the film reminds Oscar voters of the nominee’s true nature and inclinations. Redmayne is obviously fine. Not to worry.

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