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The Golden Globe goes to Eddie Redmayne - Best Actor Drama at the 72nd GG Awards.

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Eddie Redmayne has won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama), for his portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything....

...Redmayne described the experience of making the film as a “huge privilege”, saying: “The Hawking family allowed us into their lives and they trusted us with their story. And getting to spend time with Stephen Hawking, who, despite all of the obstacles put in his way has lived passionately and fully and with great humour, was one of the great honours of my life.”

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"When I read the script, I fought incredibly hard for this part," said Redmayne backstage. "But you do it blindly. So when I did get cast … I had a moment of elation and then several months of great trepidation and fear. … It was many sleepless nights." Redmayne said he met Stephen Hawking before filming and was "looking for his approval." "When he was generous enough to offer us his voice, it was really special," he said. Redmayne said that he started off in London theater, and when he first transitioned to L.A. he stayed close to his fellow British actors, including Benedict Cumberbatch. "I remember when we first came over here the Brits would stick together because L.A. is such a confusing city when you first arrive." (x)

...A few moments after Best Actor in a Drama winner Eddie Redmayne arrived it was impossible not to notice him running into or saying hello (take your pick) to the aforementioned global pop stars. And while HitFix and In Contention are not in the gossip business it goes without saying that Taylor and Redmayne were reportedly once an item (if not a brief one) and all eyes were on this "reunion." The in-house photographers made a beeline for them and attempted to turn it into a pseudo red carpet for a moment (I'm not sure they were even allowed to take photos, but they tried). 

Meanwhile, less than two feet across from this mess (not a joke, just two feet) sat another one of the night's winners, "Boyhood's" Patricia Arquette and her husband. And, I can't believe I'm writing this, but it appeared no one was paying attention to them. I know this because I got stuck in the Lorde/Taylor/Eddie mess trying to get to a different part of the room. But, sometimes extraordinary moments happen out of nowhere. Less than a minute after the photogs arrived, Redmayne somehow escaped the cabal and maneuvered past numerous handlers to reach out his hand and congratulate Arquette who seemed immediately taken back by the gesture. Want to know why there are all these stories of people loving Redmayne? There's your answer...

annehathaway (Instagram)
Congratulations Eddie!!! So happy for your win last night!!

Excerpt from a Clémence Poésy interview (x):
Q: The list of male actors you have starred alongside – Colin Farrell in In Bruges, Eddie Redmayne in Birdsong, Jim Sturgess in Heartless and James Franco in 127 Hours – is impressive. Who was your favourite?
A: I have been very lucky so it’s impossible to pick. But if I were to choose an actor [who’ll achieve] greatness, it would probably be Eddie – he is wonderful. Not because he is young and elegant and beautiful, but because he is one of the few actors who could play a character like Stephen in Birdsong, from a young man falling in love at 20 to a haunted man of 35 who has been through a war. When we filmed the scene where my character Isabelle and Stephen meet up years later, it was extraordinary. Eddie walked into the room and it was as if the war had come in with him, his eyes had the haunted look of someone who had been through something dreadful. It is an amazing performance because he does so much without words; he is going to be so big.

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