Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Bithday Felicity and Matthew 🎂

Happy 32nd Birthday Felicity Jones!

Selfie with Felicity on Eddie's Birthday 6 January 2015 in NYC in ABC's GMA studio

“I try to inhabit that person and have their thoughts. I don’t try to patronize the time. 
I think human nature is eternal and constant. I don’t think it does fluctuate hugely. 
There are simply different pressures on people. I think character and impulses are the 
same. Desires are the same. …Once you’re playing them, you shouldn’t be judging 
them in any way. That’s what being an actor is - it’s having empathy for people that 
are different from yourself, once you’re committed to that person, your responsibility 
is to tell that story.” (Felicity Jones)- via

Another co-star Matthew Macfadyen celebrates his 41st Birthday today.
Making The Pillars of the Earth full-length video here (27:47) - captures - read more

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