Sunday, October 4, 2015

Charlie Redmayne about his "little brother" - new covers and recently found outtakes

Charlie Redmayne, CEO of Harper Collins gave an interview yesterday in the BBCradio4 morning news program 
(Whole interview starting at 22:32 and briefly talked about Eddie too from 27:05). 
Podcast available here for limited time. He likes to tell funny stories like his "little brother". (via)

My little brother Eddie, of whom we’re immensely proud. And obviously I’m the better looking and more talented half.
I look nothing like him. But it does throw out some challenges. I was traveling back from Toronto just after he won his Oscar, and and I was checking into the BA lounge, and I handed my boarding pass over and the lady looks up and says, ‘Any relation to to Eddie?’ And I said, ‘Yes, he’s my little brother.’ And she looks at me and smiles rather patronizingly and says, ‘Yeah right.’ And that was that. (via)
Of Eddie, big brother Charlie says: “he’s annoyingly nice, and he works incredibly hard.”

Charlie about Eddie (excerpt from the interview) - All rights belong to BBCradio4

Eddie Redmayne on the cover of this month’s Revolution magazine (source) via

Eddie Redmayne Icon cover - courtesy Instagram @annalisatesta 

Shot by John Balsom as part of the session also used by Out Magazine for its cover story.
The Italian Magazine will be on newsstands from 8th October (x)

New photo from John Balsom’s OUT shoot (source) via olly-77

(you can find also the other photos without watermark, but lower quality)

Eddie Redmayne portraits by Charlie Gray, taken in London surrounding The Theory of Everything 
premiere in December 2014. © via bespokeredmayne

This photo is not new, but I didn't noticed when it was published

Probably this is an outtake from the Brian Bowen Smith
photoshoot for M Magazine (Fall 2014)

Outtakes from the Sunday Times photoshoot from 2014 (source) via

A few outtakes of a photoshoot from 2008 (x)

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