Saturday, October 10, 2015

New pic from Venice and photos from The Times Luxx Magazine

hope72 posted a picture, that his collegue Sergey Soloviev photographer sent her. He said: "Look, 
I took a picture with your fave. He was so brilliant!" - This was in Venice on 5th September 2015.
Beautiful photo, thank you Hope!

‘The Danish Girl’ Press Conference in Venice on 5th September 2015 (x) - More in my post on tumblr

New photos from The Times Luxx Magazine & The Gentleman’s Journal!

Links to the photos: X, X, X via olly-77

Tall, luminous, stylish (and constantly neurotic)
The full Times Luxx transcript here. 
Note writer’s reference to Eddie’s height as “6ft-something.”
(source bespokeredmayne)

“It’s about feeling comfortable in something. When you do red-carpet things, there’s nothing remotely calm about them. They are anxiety-inducing. And the one thing I do feel is that a well-tailored suit can really help.” (x)
Just Jared: Eddie Redmayne Says He Still Rides the Subway Despite Fame
Thomas & Friends’ Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure is available on Blu-ray and DVD and airs on PBS 
on October 12. (photos: Eddie Redmayne, Joanne Froggatt, Jamie Campbell Bower and John Hurt)

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