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SZEHO interviews at the HFPA party in Toronto on 12th September 2015

Hatalmas sikerrel mutatkozott be a Saul fia a torontói fesztiválon, ahol szinte mindenki erről a filmről beszélt: Alicia Vikander, Benicio Del Toro, Naomi Watts, Joel Edgerton, Eddie Redmayne, Susan Sarandon, Martin Landau, Christian Slater, Elisabeth Olsen...Szeretettel Hollywoodból, szeptember 26. szombat, Duna TV!
Posted by Szeretettel Hollywoodból on 2015. szeptember 15.
Report from Toronto with interviews on 26th September on Duna TV (Hungary)
Szeretettel Hollywoodból (From Hollywood with love) - preview

Eddie and Hannah were in very good mood, even Hannah took part in the conversation.
(with Hungarian voiceover)

Aniko Návai (the presenter of SZEHOHFPA member) asked Eddie about why TIFF is so good and if he had time to watch other movies. He said that he had a wonderful time here last year. This is a city where people love movies and they are supportive to those who are starting out their career here - it's a little scary for a filmmaker, and their generosity is amazing. When he talked about they saw '99 Homes' last year but now they just come and go, Hannah joined the conversation too. Aniko closed the chat saying "we'll see each other a lot this year".
I recorded the program from the TV with my phone and made a few captures and gifs. Not HQ but very cute (unfortunately I don't have video recorder)

Eddie interrupted the Tom Hiddleston interview with a friendly hug

A few captures from the interview


Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe at the HFPA InStyle party in Toronto on 12th Sept. 2015
interviewed by Anikó Návai for the Hungarian Duna Television program 'Szeretettel Hollywoodból'.

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