Sunday, September 14, 2014

TIFF 2014 Day4 (Sept.7) - ToE Premiere

Eddie Redmayne at the TIFF Premiere 
of The Theory of Everything (x) (x)

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne on stage before the TIFF premiere of “The Theory of Everything” (x) via (x)

 screencaps (x)

Standing ovation for Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones and James Marsh at the TIFF premiere 
of “The Theory of Everything” (x,x) via sirredmayne

Andrew Garfield at ‘The Theory of Everything’ premiere @ Toronto International Film Festival - Sept.7, 2014 x

Andrew is in Toronto for Eddie’s premiere! 
Such a good friend! That’s so cool :)
Andrew loves Eddie (and who doesn’t)

Eddie Redmayne And Andrew Garfield Hold Hands 
At 2014 Toronto International Film Festival - video
Heaps of Eddie bro-mances at TIFF 2014.

Eddie Redmayne & Andrew Garfield leaving the "The Theory of Everything" premiere 
at TIFF on Sept 7, 2014 (x) via (x)
Eddie Redmayne feeling the love of his "team" at the premiere afterparty.

(l. to r.) Santa Barbara Film Festival director Roger Durling, The Theory of Everything star Eddie Redmayne, Deadline‘s Pete Hammond at last night’s after-party following pic’s premiere at Princess of Wales, which generates less-than-satisfactory sound. (x)

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