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The posters for 'The Danish Girl' are not official

I had to delete the pictures :(
I will post the official posters as soon as I can.

Excerpts from related articles below - for the full articles and unofficial posters, try the source links
Redmayne is becoming well known for playing physically and mentally challenging roles. He undertook the slow process of learning how to live with motor neurone disease as Hawking and this time around he researched how
to live as a transgender woman in the 1920s.(x)
Mr. Schlessel commented, “In the tradition of Focus’ history of epic and moving love stories, The Danish Girl promises 
to be unforgettable. Tom Hooper is an extraordinary storyteller who always elicits beautiful performances from his 
actors. We are so pleased to be working with Eddie Redmayne again after our shared success with Working Title 
on The Theory of Everything.” (x)

Silver lining set photos from Copenhagen - related tumblr posts
3 character, 2 person - Einar, Lili and Gerda

Considering all the recent news surrounding the LGBTQ community (with help from people like Caitlyn Jenner,
Laverne Cox and Jazz Jennings), the film is being released at a timely moment in our culture. Here's to hoping 
it helps continue the discussion about the struggles faced by transgender individuals in today's society. (x)
In fact, given Caitlyn Jenner’s success story this year, and celebrated transgendered narratives like “Orange
Is The New Black” and “Tangerine,” Hooper and Focus Features couldn’t have picked a better year to release 
“The Danish Girl.”...(x)
Eddie Redmayne has such an intense gaze as he stares down the camera, we’re haunted – and now we really
can’t wait to see this one. (x)

Find the courage to be yourself - Have the courage to love

Audio: Alicia Vikander about 'The Danish Girl' in 'Happy Sad Confused'
Alicia Vikander interview by Josh Horowitz (via)

Excerpts from the Alicia Vikander interview in Entertainment Weekly (by Nina Terrero - August 7) (x)
...In The Danish Girl (out Nov. 27), she portrays early 20th-century artist Gerda Wegener, whose spouse (portrayed
by Eddie Redmayne) was one of the first people to undergo gender-reassignment surgery... was her work in a pair of 2012 period dramas - the Danish-language film A Royal Affair and director Joe Wright's epic Anna Karenina - that catapulted her to international attention. Danish Girl director Tom Hooper (The King's Speach) cast her in part because of those films. "There's something about her training as a dancer," he says. "She can have this aura of rigor and toughness. She has a wonderful strength to her."...
...she regularly sends her parents scripts for projects she's interested in. "I trust them," she says. "It's nice to keep them involved." She notes too, that her father's work with transgender patients helped inform her performance in
'The Danish Girl'. "He's a great person to turn to when it comes to personal stories about people," she says...

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