Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eddie went to see Ben Whishaw in 'Bakkhai' - Fan encounters this weekend

 tessa047 (x): Most wonderful actor and a super lovely man 
He was at the greek play we went to see, he really is the nicest person!

Sherly (x): So I met Eddie Redmayne yesterday at Almeida Theatre in London. Asdfhj! (x) via

She and her bffs went to see the 'Bakkhai' with Ben Whishaw. (x) (x)

Another encounter today

Just bumped into Eddie Redmayne after watching the Gers top man Stephen Hawkins move (x) via

The good old T-shirt is back

Personal note:
Another 4 days and I leave to Venice. I go to Vienna by train than I change to a night train and I arrive to Venice on Friday morning. I meet there a redmayniac friend Maria Cristina and we'll go to the Festival on Saturday together. 
I haven't met Eddie yet, I can't wait to see him in person at last. Now it's my turn.
I can meet some other redmayniac friends as well and we can see 'The Danish Girl' 
within a week. This will be one of my greatest adventures.

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