Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eddie, dogs and puppies

This post was inspired by the National Dog Day which was yesterday in the USA. It's aim is to honor dogs, and 
to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. It was founded in 2004 by National Dog Day Foundation. 
National Dog Day wishes to encourage dog ownership of all breeds and embraces the opportunity for all dogs 
to live a happy, safe and ”abuse-free life”. (x)

Eddie and a puppy

 Powder Blue screencaptures

Proof That Eddie Redmayne Is A Puppy

By Betty Zhang

You know this is true.
  • Picturesque: Two Puppies Under A Tree

    By Betty Zhang
    This is what (fangirl) dreams are made of.
  • Academy Award-winning Puppy

    By Betty Zhang
    Who's a good boy :3
  • There Are So Many Things Happening

    By Betty Zhang
    He's smiling. He's in a pea coat type thing (unsure of exact name; I'm no Miranda Presley). He's riding a bike. In a park. And it's beautiful. Oh and there's A PUPPY IN A BASKET asfghjkl
  • Puppy Is Having A Profound Moment

    By Betty Zhang
    Do not disturb. 
  • Self-Grooming Puppy

    By Betty Zhang
    Work it baby.
  • Interspecies Interaction

    By Betty Zhang
    Dog playing with human and bear. 
  • WHAT. IS. THIS?!

    By Betty Zhang
  • Ginormous Dalmatian Plus Wee Lad

    By Betty Zhang
    Petite, classy and debonaire as usual. The boy I mean.
  • Just-washed Puppy

    By Betty Zhang
    Post-bath time pup, all fresh and fluffy! It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeee!!!
  • [urge to photoshop own face onto hers intensifies]

    By Betty Zhang
    And it has to be an intentionally crappy photoshop, to be funny. Good times.
  • Pure British Breed

    By Betty Zhang
    I'm not crying I just have Eddie Redmayne in my eyes and I don't know anything anymore.
  • What Do You Mean There's A Boy In This Picture?

    By Betty Zhang
    It's a big puppy cradling a small puppy, duh.
  • 101 Dalmatians + 1 British Puppy Boy

    By Betty Zhang
    It's the sequel you've been waiting for. 
  • Beware Of Angry Pup

    By Betty Zhang
    You heard him. 
  • BONUS 1: Puppy On The Tube

    By Betty Zhang
    *Sleep-deprived puppy on the tube - the poor thing looks all worn out! :'(
  • BONUS 2: Marius Pontmercy's Friends Are All Dead

    By Betty Zhang
    Empty chairs at empty tables.

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