Friday, November 4, 2016

Eddie arrived in NYC on Wednesday 2nd Nov 2016

GQ: The One Piece You Need To Travel In Style Right Now - And Eddie Redmayne owns it.
It would be easy to phone it in right now and invest in a classic, solid fall outerwear piece, like a navy peacoat 
or a camel topcoat. It would also be incredibly boring. That's because there's never been a more exciting time 
for outerwear that says as much as it does, something that looks as good as it keeps you warm. Stylish guys 
like Eddie Redmayne understand this, and that's probably why the Oscar-winning actor landed at New York's 
JFK airport in a double-breasted topcoat in a blown-up herringbone pattern....Read more

It’s over: Eddie Redmayne has apparently ended his self-imposed moratorium on carrying his briefcase. 
He was quoted earlier this week as feeling self-conscious about appearing to emulate Newt Scamander. 
(Photos from Wednesday arrival at JFK Airport in New York, from Daily Mail) source: bespokeredmayne

He said: "I say, 'I'm sorry, I'm not one of those actors. I'm not one of those that turn up dressed as Superman!' 
"It's my favourite case in the world but now I have this weird thing where I've always used it but now if I use it 
people will think I'm becoming mad or something. "It's like I'm having this moral issue with myself, but no Eddie, 
don't give that up just because of what other people think, but it looks like I'm being a d**k anyway."

He has been using the Eddie case for years, it's like a lucky charm for him. Like Newt he carries
this everywhere when he works, it has everything he needs in it (script, research material...).

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