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Angeleno Magazine June 2008 - photos by Dylan Don

for Angeleno by Don & Bronson 2008 source: k280-2

sources: (uncut photos here) & k280-2

article for the Angeleno Magazine June 2008 Issue by Lauren Robin
London thralling Savage Grace star and Burberry model Eddie Redmayne kisses Hollywood hello
Given his luscious lips, tousled hair and perilously high cheekbones, it's no surprise, that up-and-coming actor Eddie Redmayne was tapped by Burberry to share billboard space with "It" model du jour Agyness Deyn. But don't think that this 26-year-old Brit, who graduated from Eton with Prince William, is permanently trading film for fashion. The self-proclaimed black sheep in a family of financiers, Redmayne is just starting to break the bank in Hollywood. Following an early stint on the British stage (as Shakespearean cross-dresser Viola in Twelfth Night) and award-winning turn as the comically tortured son in Edward Albee's The Goat or Who is Sylvia?, the cheeky Londoner has graduated to the big screen to play "screwups" - a mortician with a social anxiety disorder opposite Jessica Biel in Powder Blue, and a hired assassin out to kill Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth the Golden Age. This month Redmayne stars in Savage Grace as a gay son who likes his mom, played by Julianne Moore, just a little too much.
Q: What did your real mom think of your sex scene with your onscreen mom in Savage Grace?
In the Goat I play a gay New Yorker who ends up snogging (kissing) his dad. It was only fair to do Savage Grace for my mom. But those scenes are deeply unsexual, nothing like a flesh-colored thong to kill any erotic feeling you may have." ...
...What I found kind of weird the first time I kissed a guy is that it's remarkably similar to kissing a girl - only slightly hairier. It was a bit awkward in Savage Grace since Hugh Dancy is a mate.
Q: How has being a middle child affected you?
They're all financiers and sportsmen, I'm the arty-farty one. None of my family comes from this world at all, but they intrigued by it. It's been lovely to carve out my own path...

...I got sent a photo from the phone of a friend who lives in L.A. of a big billboard on Sunset Boulevard with me in gold chain mail with black nail polish on, and I was like, 'Og God!'
Q: Be you consider yourself a fashionista now?
I was given a really beautiful suit for the Golden Age premiere, but the fashion was to do these trousers where your crotch was around the knees, which I couldn't understand. I put them up, so the waistband was around the chest. This looked bizarre, so I put a belt around my chest and covered it with a V-neck Jumper. I got it all wrong.
Q: What are you up to on your day off?
This is my attempt to go to the gym before my love scene with Gemma Arterton for (the upcoming BBC miniseries) Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Gemma is the new Bond girl, and I'm slightly intimidated, because the last love scene she did was with Daniel Craig. I'll just admit defeat there.
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