Monday, June 30, 2014

Gordy the mechanic - a scene where Eddie repairs a car

A few captures and gifs from the scene, where it turns out that Gordy (Eddie Redmayne) 
can repair not just computers, but cars as well. He's a little handyman.


sources: and-run-the-heart and Eddie Redmayne Web (edited)
Excerpt from a review:
When Gordy’s car springs a leak, he pulls over to a grimy old gas station, long since abandoned. As he rummages through the garage looking for ways to fix the car, Martine, frustrated by another setback, complains to Brett about Gordy’s social ineptitude. As her words trail off into the bayou, Brett mutters that she should be patient with him. Alone in the wilderness, without the luxury of a crowd to disappear in, the three begin to realize that despite their mutual strangeness, they are no longer strangers, to each other and to us. (x)

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