Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Hugh!

Hugh Dancy Eddie Redmayne's friend and co-star today celebrates his 39th Birthday. There are a lot of good pictures and even videos about them in my posts about their films Savage Grace and Elizabeth I. and in the one I made about Hugh and Eddie earlier, but there are many of them I didn't posted yet, so here are a few in honor of the celebrated person.
The photo to the left (cropped) is from the photoshoot by Chris Floyd on 18th December 2008 made for the article 'Britain's Got Talent' published in the Sunday Times 2009 January Issue (x).  click here for the article                                                                           
Hugh Dancy, Eddie Redmayne and Carey Mulligan 
at the 2013 Met Gala After-Party (x)

Gifs from Savage Grace (x)
Gif from Savage Grace (x) via (x)

Essex watches Richard II. with Southampton

 Elizabeth I. captures (x) gifs here (x)
Update 21 June 2014:

Well, she’ll always be Barbara. (x)
-What of life in the world of Tony Baekeland? -ça va. - source (x) via (x)
Tony takes care of Jake. Tony takes care of Barbara. Someone must take care of Tony. (x) via (x)

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