Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fan sightings on 5-7 June in London - Twitter roundup

Eddie was in theatre on Thursday evening
BespokeRedmayne @bespokeredmayne tweeted 9:59 PM on June 05, 2014:
Eddie Redmayne spotted multiple times at @youngvictheatre tonight for View From the Bridge.
Official site of the show

Hadley Middleton @hadleymiddleton tweeted 11:32 AM on June 06, 2014:
Just met the wonderful #eddieredmayne on the street in Soho. Engagement to his beautiful girlfriend confirmed!
And a true gentleman! Swoon!

BespokeRedmayne @bespokeredmayne tweeted 0:26 PM on June 06, 2014:
Selfie time with Eddie Redmayne during a fan encounter on a London street.

Eddie Redmayne with a fan on Poland Street, just off of Oxford Street.
Zoe wrote: Pretty sure i will get arrested for being the worlds biggest pyscho stalker,
but i had to get a selfie with Eddie Redmayne - Life made! - source: zamigoni1

nicola ॐ @nicolahelend tweeted 2:08 PM on June 06, 2014:
Ok so I just stood next to Eddie Redmayne in the National Gallery for about five minutes

Flint PR @Flint_PR tweeted 7:30 PM on June 07, 2014:
Thrilled to welcome #eddieredmayne to @OIAAF today! Pictured with his favourite painting on Nicholas Bagshawe's stand
OIAAF 14 @OIAAF tweeted 8:48 PM on June 07, 2014:
Great to see Eddie Redmayne @OIAAF today admiring this beaut Hughes painting from Nicholas Bagshawe #OIAAF14

Eddie Redmayne at OIAAF next to his favourite painting source: @Flint_PR
Future father in law is a major arts and antiques dealer in London.(x)

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