Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Les Mis World premiere - London 5 December 2012

I found (via headlinegrabber) a video last week with a short Eddie Redmayne interview in it, and I thought
it's time to make a post about the event, because I didn't do it yet. Eddie looked gorgeous in his velvet suit.
Eddie and Hannah started dating in January 2012, they went to tennis tournaments and theatre together,
but made their red carpet debut here. This is a compilation from the pictures and videos I like. 
Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe + Anne Hathaway all turn out to the world premiere of Les Mis in London 
- where Eddie Redmayne admits he auditioned for his part dressed as a cowboy! source: Yahoo screen

Hannah wore velvet too. (x)


(x)(x) & (x)

Samantha Barks at the World Premiere of Les Misérables - gifs

Metro: Pictures: Les Miserables World Premiere in London

The Guardian - Les Misérables world premiere in London - in pictures

Video: A Spectacular Les Miserables World Premiere

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