Sunday, June 29, 2014

New infos about 'Jupiter Ascending' - Empire article

Warner Bros Published a new trailer. The content much the same as the long trailer released three month ago,
with a little more special effects and the confirmation of the 2015 February release date.

I learned about the Empire Magazine's new article via Twitter (x) and (x). This tells a lot of details we didn't know yet about the film and there are quotes from Eddie Redmayne and other cast members in it too. (edited scans below)

"There is something sort of Greek about it. These brothers and 
sisters, tussling on a grand scale, are like Greek gods."Eddie Redmayne

Concept art featuring Caine's history as a soldier fighting on an alien planet

Eddie Redmayne's despicable Balem is ready for his close-up.

"I was strung on these wires 40 feet in the air with a harness around me, which is transpires 
the Wachowskis invented back in the day. I'm basically spun in the air at about 50mph. It was 
for a moment in the film in which I go through what they call a 'grav-trough'. I almost vomitted 
at the end. I was so unprepared for this gigantic wedgie, dressed head-to-toe in leathers."

I made cropped images so you can read the article in the blog (for full size click on the pictures)

Jupiter Ascending is featured in the August issue of SFX magazine. Mila, Channing and Sean talk about their characters, Wachowskis, extraordinary storyline, flying in spaceships and the longest sequence to shoot.
“It’s about human consumption, and about how everyone is so self-centred on Earth and just consume everything, whether it be actual consumption – as in food and nourishment – or consumption in the sense of information and superficial items. It’s all that. And it’s also about destiny.” - Mila Kunis

Variety article about delaying the movie's release
Can Warner Bros. Avoid Another Wachowski Misfire?

Update 3rd July 2014: 
Mila Kunis in Cineplex Magazine
...“It’s really fun movie, it’s really smart, but also a really fun movie. You can look at the underlying
tones of consumption and the human desire to need and want, and that’s great, but it’s also just
a fun film to go and see.”...Read more

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