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Eddie Redmayne and Dominic Cooper

Evening Standard Theatre Awards - ES Nov.18, 2004: Eddie Redmayne and Dominic Cooper looked 
pleased as punch to have been nominated for The Milton Shulman Award for Outstanding Newcomer
To the right: They pose with other nominees Richard Griffiths and Leigh Zimmerman (x)

Dior Store Opening November 25, 2010 source: - ONTD

The Artist VIP screeing 11st December 2011 Eddie and Dominic with Dan Stevens. (x)
Dominic was Eddie's co-star in My Week with Marilyn

Eddie Redmayne quote: "Do you know what, one of the great things about Marilyn was working with not only actors of the older generation but also working with actors, friends of mine and it becomes quite a small world, particularly in the film industry so Dominic Cooper was an old mate, and working with women like Emma who absolutely – manages to deal with the extraordinary sort of amount that’s going on in her life and yet still studying and managing to do everything at the same time committing entirely to the work when we’re doing the work and Michelle as well, I’m always dumbfounded at how some women work with a family, seeing mums being mums while also working, is amazing." (x) photo source (x)

On the set of My Week With Marilyn (x) - video here

 MWWM movie stills (x)

MWWM screencaptures (x)

Daily Mail article 22 June 2014: That'll get their DEUCES flowing! Dominic Cooper and 
Eddie Redmayne raise a glass to Stella Artois sponsoring Wimbledon - with pfotos
Wearing a deep blue suit, Dominic looked impossibly handsome as he posed outside in the warm weather.
Sporting a very fashionable beard, he looked distinguished and rugged.
Meanwhile, Eddie cut a more boyish figure in skinny jeans and an open-necked, stripey shirt.Together, they were joined by the likes of Alice Eve (Star Trek, Men in Black 3) David Harewood (24, Homeland) Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spiderman 2, Lincoln) and Rhashan Stone (24: Live Another Day).

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dominic Cooper talks 'My Week with Marilyn'

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