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Making of the Pillars of the Earth

“I am delighted with the series of “The Pillars of the Earth” — script, cast, direction, everything — 
and thrilled that it is going to be shown on Starz”, world-renowned author Ken Follett says. (x)
Ken Follett's birthday was last week. On this occasion I decided to make a post with viseos, photos and articles (links) about the filming of 'The Pillars of the Earth', the TV miniseries adaptation of his best novel, in which I saw Eddie first.

source: Eddie Redmayne Web
Eddie Redmayne about filming Pillars:
The shoot was about six months. We shot it all in Hungary and then in Austria, and it was kind of dumbfounding. When you’re working on something for that long there’s an intimacy you get amongst friends, and it was a really eclectic cast of Brits, Canadians, and Germans, all based out of Hungary. There is a kind of summer-camp feel to it. [laughs] You’re all living in this wonderful city away from home and you develop close friendships. And its rare that you get to work on something that everyone is deeply passionate about, and there’s something about the story of “Pillars.” Most people who read [the novel], including Oprah [who selected it for her book club in 2007], have become so devoted to it as a story that we really wanted to serve the book and the story as well as we possibly could. (x)

"...Filming actually took place in Hungary. When I arrived on set for the first time, I was astonished to discover that the crew had built a full-scale medieval English village in a field outside Budapest.
Kingsbridge was a place I had invented in my head and yet here it was for real. Everything had been presented just as I saw it in my mind's eye."
"...the finished building that I described in my book looks like Salisbury Cathedral - and this is how the producers of the Channel 4 series made the Kingsbridge cathedral look."

source: sirredmayne

I'm glad that I found the page of the series on Oprah's site with quotes from Eddie and many more interesting infos.
..."The size of the sets that were built really made you not have to act so much. You could look up in awe," says actor Eddie Redmayne, who plays Jack. "You weren't having to imagine a huge moment."
...It was crucial to find the right actor for each part in a cast of characters that already lives so vividly in the imagination of readers. In some cases, however, one could argue there was some form of divine intervention at play. 
"I was given this book [by friends], and they were like: 'Read it. It will change your life, and there's a character in it that reminds us of you.' And I was like, 'Whatever,'" Eddie says. "Randomly, I was then in Los Angeles and I got a call saying, 'Scott Free—Ridley Scott's company—wants to meet you about this miniseries called The Pillars of the Earth,' and I was like, 'Wait a second, I remember that name.' So I went and read it and fell deeply in love with it. And here they offered me the part of Jack, and I was kind of blown away by the offer, to be honest. And also felt there's a weird fate or serendipity or whatever you call it to the fact that my close friends said, 'You'd be quite good at that guy.'"...
..."The thing about the cathedral is it's never finished. It's never going to be completed. All these great cathedrals in Britain still, and across the world, have mason yards attached to them, and they're constantly working because the thing always needs upkeeping or renovating or changing," he says. "It's this idea that you never see the thing finished, so actually it's all about creating selflessly for the next generation and for a greater good. And I certainly felt that story or that focus in the book and in the miniseries is kind of incredibly optimistic about humanity."
Ken Follett's blog about his set visit and his role as an Anglo-French merchant in Cherbourg, a friend of Jack's long-lost, red-haired family.

Ken Follett on the Cathedrals inThe Pillars of the Earth

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