Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photos from 2001 - Eddie and Rick - Heat magazine 2012 March

I found Rick's tweet, here it is!

Photos from the tweet

Eddie confessed in the Giffoni Film Festival (in the response to a question), that sometimes he watches reality shows. I'm wondering if it's because the show's presenter is a pal of him?

Info about Rick Edwards (Wikipedia, IMDB)
Rick Edwards a British television presenter who works mainly for Channel 4 and E4. He attended Pembroke College, Cambridge, studying mathematics originally before changing to natural sciences after his first year. He performed stand-up and sketch shows during his time at university.

...'My mum and dad say they always knew I'd end up doing something like this. I always loved making people laugh - I was the archetypal disruptive class clown. So when I arrived at university and there was a legitimate opportunity to stand up and make people laugh (Footlights), I took it. I was also lucky enough to do a bit of TV stuff on the god-awful local cable channel.'
...‘The media glare doesn't really focus on me, so I'm largely unaffected by it. I don't really go out to flashy bars or celebrity parties much. That's not really me. I hang out with my friends in the same places we've been hanging out for years. Occasionally someone might recognise me, but all they're gonna ask is 'where's Alexa?' or 'how come you're so tall?'

A twinterview with Rick Edwards (quick questions and answers)

Photos from The South Bank show awards red carpet London, England - 26.01.2010

They both attended the event (source:

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