Friday, January 17, 2014

Eddie in rain, bath etc - wet cloth,hair and skin in films

Elizabeth I.

Like Minds

The Good Shepherd

Savage Grace

The Yellow Handkerchief

The Pillars of the Earth

Black Death

My Week with Marilyn

Skinny-dipping with Michelle Williams in My Week With Marilyn was shot in November in England. 
It was meant to be a bucolic summer's day. Michelle ended up on oxygen. ( x )


Les Misérables

Eddie Redmayne: “There’s rain pouring on your face and you’re crying and sniffley, and you kind of have to leave a bit of your vocal vanity at the door,” Bark said. “At first you’re thinking, ‘Is it sounding nice? Is it sounding right?’ But I think that kind of realism in your voice adds to the emotion of that live singing. Especially moments like ‘A Little Fall of Rain’ with me and Eddie. It allows you to be so intimate.” ( x )

Samantha Barks about her favorite scenes: "....another scene I loved doing is 'A Little Fall of Rain' with Eddie [Redmayne]. I thought that was so much fun. It wasn't fun in a way, because it was very emotional, but something about working with him is incredible. He's this amazing actor. Watching him, and being around him, and he is so approachable that you'll never feel like an idiot after asking him questions, because he is such a good guy." ( x )

Screencaptures source: EddieRedmayneSpain
I made some edited pictures.

Update 21 Aug 2014:
There are wet scenes in Eddie's new films, 'The Theory of Everything and 'Jupiter Ascending' too.
Here are two gifs from the trailers.

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