Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eddie clasps his hands - photo collection

A visitor of my blog canadiangirl suggested this topic in a note recently. I selected pictures from Eddie Redmayne's projects, shoots and public appearances, in which he clasps his hands or hold his own hand. I made a collage also.

My collage - original photos source: (x) & (x) & (x) & (x) & (x) & (x) & (x)

(x) & (x)

(x) & (x)

(x) & (x)

(x) & (x)

(x) & (x) & (x)

(x) & (x)

Quote (x):
Making a film or doing a play are completely different experiences and entirely fulfilling, but completely unique. I also think one complements the other. People often say that theater is about flexing your muscles, and is actually real acting, whereas I sort of disagree.
– Eddie Redmayne

photos source: some pictures are cropped


  1. Lovely work!! Omg this made me Smile so wide, I didn't expect you would actually do it!! But he really does like to hold his own hands! Lol some great pics here, thank you! All the best from here in Canada xxx

    1. Hi! How are you? What happened to your tumblr blog?


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