Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A year ago in Tokio - Eddie Redmayne Japanese portraits

Before Eddie travelled to NYC to the MET ball he spent a few days in Tokio a year ago. During his visit he posed for several photos It was at the time of filming Jupiter Ascending, he looked fantastic. I choose two shoots for this post.

Photos about Eddie Redmayne by Kunihiro Takuma. April 30 2013
I love these!!!

My favorites from the photoshoot done on May 1 2013 in Tokio by Fumi Mochizuki.
You find these and more photos from this shoot in the gallery

Eddie Redmayne about to approach any character—I see what’s in the text and flesh it out with references from life. And certainly, I’ve had experiences with elder actors and bosses in the past who I’ve had complex and tricky relationships with. (x)

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