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Hugh Dancy and Eddie in "Elizabeth I." and "Savage Grace"

First they worked together in the Tom Hooper directed HBO film Elizabeth I. in 2005. Eddie Redmayne played Southampton as having a crush on Hugh Dancy's Earl of Essex.


Later in Savage Grace Hugh played Barbara's gay friend Sam Green, who became Tony's lover and even had a 
three-way with Tony (Eddie Redmayne) and Barbara (Julianne Moore).


Interview: Eddie Redmayne Talks Live-Singing, Skinny-Dipping, Name-Calling
...The threesome with Hugh & Julianne... there's a moment in it. You always think with those sorts of scene 'How do actors do it?' The answer is it's as awkward as if you were to do it. There's a moment at the end of the scene where Tom Kalin keeps the camera on top of us and we all sort of all kiss each other and burst into hysterics. That was completely natural hysteria "What just happened?!?"[Laughter]...

‘Interview’ Magazine March 2008 Interview by Christopher Bailey
CB: ...I want you to tell me about Savage Grace: Is that the one where you play Julianne Moore’s gay son?
ER: Exactly.
CB: And is that the one with Hugh?
ER: That is the one with Hugh Dancy.
CB: And you snog the Dancy?
ER: I get to snog the Dancy. [Bailey laughs] ....
...We did this Helen Mirren Elizabeth I movie together...
... I had auditioned to play his sidekick in that film–the Earl of Southampton, who was sort of pauncy, indulgent,
and who kind of had a crush on the Earl of Essex...

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