Monday, April 14, 2014

Photoshopped picture with Nina Dobrev

I found this photo today on the web. I thought this is a photoshopped image, so I did a little research. 
I found the components from which it was taken.

To the left: Eddie Redmayne at the National Youth Music Theatre Fundriser event on 20 Feb 2012
(source: To the right the mirrored photo the maker used. 

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder (2012) (x)


  1. Ridiculous use of blogspace

    1. I don't thimk that I'm the only one, who are interested in the origin of the image, and if it's true, it was worth to do the post.

  2. The photo has the wrong body shape and bulk for our Eddie. I had my suspicions. Thank you for confirming it, Judit. It was almost a good photoshop, but Redmayniacs know better.

    Not anonymous :-) It's me, eddieredmayne-for-pm

    1. When I saw Eddie's face on the photo I remembered the NYMT event, I only had to search the right photo, then I searched the Nina Dobrev picture with Google. This wasn't difficult when I typed next to her name Ian Somerhalder's name too.


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