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Tycoon Royal Family - Douglas Booth on Jupiter Ascending

The name of Eddie Redmayne's character in Jupiter Ascending is Balem Abrasax. His siblings are played by Douglas Booth and Tuppence Middleton in the movie. Jupiter is related to them in some strange way. 
The meaning of abrasax or abraxas: sequence of Greek letters considered as a word and formerly inscribed on charms, amulets, and gems in the belief that it possessed magical qualities. In the 2nd century AD, some Gnostic and other dualistic sects, which viewed matter as evil and the spirit as good and held that salvation came through esoteric knowledge, or gnosis, Abraxas and initiated a cult sometimes related to worship of the sun god. Basilides of Egypt, an early 2nd-century Gnostic teacher, viewed Abraxas as the supreme deity and the source of divine emanations, the ruler of all the 365 heavens, or circles of creation-one for each day of the year. The number 365 corresponds to the numerical value of the seven Greek letters that form the word abraxas. (x)

Instyle Douglas Booth interview: Why Jupiter Ascending's Douglas Booth Makes Us Swoon
...Yes, the trailer ruins nothing! So basically there’s a whole other universe out there, sort of like a cross between Star Wars and The Matrix. Eddie Redmayne, Tuppence Middleton and my character are all part of a dynasty, tycoon family—kind of like the Royal Family meets the Rockefellers but in space. Our mother passes away, so the inheritance is completely up for grabs and as it turns out, Jupiter is linked to her in some strange way. We live on these battleships—think yachts, but in space...
..."Each character has different motivations—you’re not entirely sure with mine but take one look at Eddie Redmayne and you just know he’s pretty evil [laughs]."

IBTIMES article: Douglas Booth of 'Noah' Shares 'Jupiter Ascending' Details
Douglas plays the role of Titus in "Jupiter Ascending". His character lives in a whole different universe, which he attributed to be a cross between "Star Wars" and "The Matrix". He belongs to a dynasty or a tycoon, and when his mother passes away, the inheritance was left up for grabs. Jupiter happens to be related to his mother in some strange way. In the movie, Douglas said they live on battleships, which he described were like yachts but just in space. Douglas was mum on whether he will be playing a villain or not.

Video interview: Douglas Booth about Jupiter Ascending at the premiere of 'Noah'

“It’s almost Shakespearean really, with interfamily bickering and them trying to usurp each other’s power,”
Eddie Redmayne says of Balem and his siblings (Douglas Booth and Tuppence Middleton). “Then you throw
Mila into the mix and it all becomes quite chaotic.” (x)
I reblogged these gifs from sirredmayne with the quote I already posted before in my post about Balem.
I thought I have to post it here too, because this topic is incomplete without it.

Update 10 June 2014: Wikipedia about the family members - based on Total Film, Summer 2014, issue 221
Eddie Redmayne as Balem Abrasax, alien royalty whose family engages in the planetary business and trades in a form of youth serum. He is the elder of the three Abrasax siblings and serves as the main antagonist of the film as he wants Earth for himself.
Douglas Booth as Titus Abrasax, Balem's brother. Booth describes his character as "a bit of a playboy" mentioning his spaceship was described in the script as a cross between a Gothic cathedral and the Playboy Mansion.
Tuppence Middleton as Kalique Abrasax, Balem's sister. She approaches Jupiter to befriend her, but like her brothers she has ulterior motives.

Link: Jupiter Ascending stills on MSN Movies - 20 stills from the movie with description.

It's not related to Eddie, but I like it. Douglas Booth singing Heart on fire - Videos: 
Douglas Booth singing - Heart on fire (unplagged version with Douglas Booth photos and lyrics in the video)

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