Monday, May 26, 2014

Eddie in Italy this weekend - fanpics and stalker photos

Eddie Redmayne in Fiesole on 24 May. And he was at the Uffizi in Florence, too. via (x) & (x)

Update: I think Eddie talked about the photo above in an interview for JOY Magazine:
"We were in the middle of nowhere in Florence one minute after I proposed to my wife,
and then two tourists appeared and they said: 'Oh My God! Can we take a selfie?!
And I just thought to myself, please, not now, this is the big moment of my life. So
somewhere there's a selfie taken moments after our engagement. (laugh)" 

BespokeRedmayne tweeted yesterday:
Appears he's spending a Bank Holiday weekend in Florence, Italy.
"@LoriBethhhh: Just ran into Eddie Redmayne in The Uffizi 😍”
Snapping selfie wfans: Eddie Redmayne in Florence, Italy Sat., taking in lots of art.

Carrie tweeted 10:48 PM on 25 May, 2014:
On the plus side, I met Eddie Redmayne in a museum yesterday, which was cool.
This is such a stalker photo lol

We sat down to eat lunch today and look over and see Eddie Redmayne
from Les Miserables the movie
Borgo Antico Firenze tweeted 11:13 AM on 26 May, 2014:
Last night, with Eddie Redmayne @eddieronline
Official site of the trattoria -

Brendan Johnson tweeted 0:51 PM on 26 May, 2014:
Penn hanging out with new friend Eddie Redmayne in Florence via (x)

BespokeRedmayne tweeted 3:17 PM on 26 May, 2014:
Back to London from Florence. Holiday over. 
"@ohitslucas 3:13 PM CET on 26 May, 2014:
hhhhh eddie redmayne is on my flight”

photo source siamagazine
siamagazine posted the news that Eddie proposed to his girlfriend while on a romantic getaway to Tuscany this weekend. This is probably true, they looked very loved up, but isn't official yet.
A little correction:
They first went public at Wimbledon on 25th June 2012.


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