Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eddie Redmayne's co-stars in the Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is one of the most successful series nowadays. When I watched it I noticed a couple
of familiar faces among it's cast, and I got the idea to make a post about the GOT actors Eddie Redmayne
worked with. Otherwise I currently reading G.R.R. Martin's novel the series based on.
Game of Thrones character description and pics source Wikia - click on the character's name!

First of all:
Sean Bean - Eddard 'Ned' Stark ----- Black Death - Ulrich ----- Jupiter Ascending - Stinger

Update 2018:


Stephen Dillane - Stannis Baratheon ----- Savage Grace - Brooks Baekeland

Carice van Houten - Melisandre ----- Black Death - Langiva

Harry Lloyd - Viserys Targaryen ----- Theory of Everything - Brian

Donald Sumpter - Maester Luwin ----- Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Parson Tringham

Kate Dickie - Lysa Arryn ----- The Pillars of the Earth - Agnes

Patrick Malahide - Balon Greyjoy ----- Like Minds - Headmaster ----- Elizabeth I. - Sir Francis Walsingham

Emun Elliott - Marillion ----- Black Death - Swire

Charlotte Hope - Myranda ----- Theory of Everything - Philippa Hawking -----Les Misérables - Factory Woman

Update 04 Nov. 2014: Here's a capture from 'The Theory of Everything' futurette (x)

Josef Altin - Pypar ----- Les Misérables - Convict 2

Andy Beckwith - Rorge ----- Les Misérables - Innkeeper

Spencer Wilding - White Walker ----- Jupiter Ascending - Falque

Mark Lewis Jones - Shagga ----- The Other Boleyn Girl  - Brandon

Reg Wayment Rioter ----- Les Misérables (stunt performer)

Update 30 March 2015:
Jonathan Pryce - High Sparrow ----- The Goat or who is Sylvia - Martin Gray

Update 2017:
Ian McShane - Ray ----- The Pillars of the Earth - Waleran Bigod


Update 2019:

Sources of the pics from Eddie's project: Black DeathBirdsongJupiter Ascending - Sean BeanLike Minds,
Savage GraceTess of the D'UrbervillesTheory of EverythingThe Pillars of the Earth, The Goat
I made a few screencaptures too.
(mystery role in season 6.)

Updated on 18th June 2018


  1. Out of all of them I've only realized Sean Bean, Richard Madden, Joseph Mawle and Carice Van Houten /_\ it's a pleasant surprise that there are so many actors from GoT that have worked with Eddie (I'm so ashamed I didn't realize Stephen Dillane and Harry Lloyd before) I can't imagine Eddie in GoT universe, I'd be too scared for him X")

  2. Update: Tim McInnerny - Robett Glover ----- Black Death - Hob ---- The Aeronauts (unknown yet)


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