Saturday, May 17, 2014

Eddie Redmayne with children - pictures, quotes

In this post I collected a few cute pictures of Eddie Redmayne with children from films and events. They are adorable.

The Other Boleyn Girl cut scene screenshot (x) cropped

The Pillars of the Earth - Jack with baby Tom (x) & (x)

Harry Potter WB Studio Tour March 31, 2012 (x)

  Eddie Redmayne at Leavesden Studios on March 31, 2012 in Watford (video)

Eddie Redmayne quote: 'Acting has done a strange thing to me, though. I often sit there, thinking, “I love this, 
but I wouldn’t put my daughter on the stage.”’ (x)

Eddie w Daniel Huttlestone and Isabelle Allen in what has to be the cutest photo ever taken (x)

The bond of NYMT! from Les Mis world premiere livestream ( x ) Dec 5, 2012 London
Marius hugged Gavroche! - Eddie Redmayne and Daniel Huttlestone

Redmayne, for his part, says he was jealous of child actor Daniel Huttlestone, who plays the impish Gavroche:
"He was so brilliant, so effortless and wonderful. My inner 7-year-old was so happy and deeply jealous." (x)
[Laughs] "I love it! I genuinely, genuinely adore him. Daniel Huttlestone, for me he almost steals the movie." (x)

Eddie w Daniel @ the SAGs :))))))) source(x)

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