Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thanks Tracy! - Fanpics 2008-2014

Searching the web I came across a few photos of Tracy. She's a fan of Eddie Redmayne for more then 5 years now and met him several times. I prefer these than most of the red carpet pics. Thanks Tracy to share these in her blog!

'Eddie actually took this one!' (above)
And look at this one! I love it! He's beautiful.
Sept 3-2008 Royal Court Theatre London
Signed photo source: Miss Kooky

Jan 2010 Donmar London

'Eddie Redmayne!!!!! After The Childrens Monologues! He was in a very chatty mood! lol!' (x) Nov 14- 2010

'Me with the always lovely Eddie Redmayne! He had clocked me in the front row during the Richard II
performance, and when coming out down the stairs saw and pointed at me, ran down the rest and
shouted “I thought it was you!! Did you see me looking at you!” Yeah I died at that point!!!'
Jan 2012 - source: via

Eddie noticed Tracy in the crowd at the opening ceremony for the Harry Potter studios.(x) March 31, 2012

The London Evening Standard Film Awards 2013 Feb 4 (x)

BAFTA 2014 February 16

Source Tracy's amazing blog:

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